Moments of relaxation in our wellness hotel in the Dolomites
*Small oasis for a great deal of wellness

Allow yourself to take a break in our wellness hotel in the Dolomites near Arabba. Indoor pool or spa with various types of saunas: you decide how you’d rather alleviate the stress of your daily routine.
Plato said: “Never exercise the soul without the body, nor the body without the soul, so that they may be evenly matched and sound of health.

This is the idea behind our small wellness centre, designed to restore both body and mind. It was created on two level to allow physical movement without disturbing the peace and quiet.

You will find the indoor pool large and luminous, facing the ski slopes. It’s ideal for stretching the muscles with a swim or using the kickboards or noodles made available. Open full time, even for early risers, both big and little.

In another part of the wellness hotel you will find three small oases for relaxation. They are specially divided to give them intimacy and quiet.

Here is where “your spirit will fall more easily into the state of grace of contemplation, when your inactive body will be cradled and rocked” (Stefan Zweig) in the Finnish Saunas at various temperatures, infrared booths, streamed massaging showers, whirlpool, herbal teas, music, and aroma therapy in the relaxation areas.

Children are not allowed to enter the Wellness Area, however they can access the swimming pool. Furthermore, it will be possible to access the sports facilities upon signing a release and acceptance of the internal regulations provided during check-in.

Click here for the regulations of the Wellness Center.

The Covid-19 Regulation for the Wellness Center can be viewed on the button dedicated to Covid-19.